First Reactions on the Election of Fr Eduardo

I posted a couple first reactions to Facebook yesterday:

With the election of Fr Eduardo Robles Gil, the chapter fathers are sending a message that the key to the Legion’s continuation is the faithful living of religious life.

Fr Eduardo Robles Gil has been Territorial Director of Mexico for about six months. Prior to that, he was the Assistant to the Territorial Director for Religious Life. In other words, his task was to assist the religious in his territory to persevere in living the basic commitments we all have undertaken: our life of poverty, chastity and obedience. Notably, he helped several members of his territory to weather the storm of the recent revelations regarding the founder, and the subsequent fallout.

In my opinion, this choice sends a particular message. The fathers could have chosen an apostle par excellence, someone who would help define the Legion in terms of its contribution to the Church and the world. The choice instead highlights the fact that above all, we are disciples, and before we go out and win the world, we’ve got to shore up our personal relationship with the Risen Christ.

It is also a deliberate attempt to fix the Legion’s decline in membership by renewing the very foundations of our day to day life.

Given these points, my first impression is favorable. Time will tell.




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